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Jacqueline Duckworth


Keep up-to date with Jacqueline's performances and other special events throughout the year.

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My life

Get an inside look into the life that Jacqueline leads and follow her journey as she embarks upon her professional career.

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Jacqueline is available to be booked for Private Functions, Weddings, Corporate & Charity events and Gala performances.

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Upcoming Performances

Jacqueline Duckworth

Dramatic Soprano

Jacqueline is a young, emerging Australian Dramatic Soprano.

She trained under esteemed international Dramatic Soprano Professor Lisa Gasteen (AO).

Jacqueline's goal in life is to share this extraordinary gift that she has been blessed with to the world around her and bring joy to their lives. 

Her vision is to gain her place on the international operatic stage & as a classical-crossover performer.